Duplex Steel Sheets  (Grade 2205) Plates in Mumbai India

Duplex Steel Sheets (Grade 2205) Plates in Mumbai India

Excellent Corrosion Resistant & High Mechanical Strength Stainless Steel

Duplex Steel Sheets and Plates Stockist in Mumbai

Duplex Steel Sheets / Plates / Coils

Astec INC the leading stockiest, exporter, Dealer, and Agent of Duplex steel sheets, coils, rolls, plates.

Duplex steels are prepared of the varied microstructure of austenite and ferrite; generally, it is made of 50/50 mix, however, in commercial alloys steel, the ratio may vary to 40/60. Duplex stainless steel has around two time’s greater strength as compared to austenitic stainless steels and also improved resistance mainly to pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

They contain high chromium 19 to 32% and molybdenum up to 5%. They have lower nickel content compared austenitic stainless steels. They are generally cost effective due to lower alloy content than similar performing austenitic steels.

Duplex Steel Sheets / Plates /Coils (Alloy 2205):

Its a nitrogen alloyed duplex steel containing 22% chromium, 3 % molybdenum & 5 to 6 % Nickel and has corrosion resistance similar to standard austenitic steel & high alloyed ferrite steel.It also has high thermal conductivity & low thermal expansion as compared to austenitic steel.

Typical Composition Of Duplex Steel:
Manganese:2% max
Silicon:1% max
Phosphorus:0.030% max
Sulfur:0.020% max
Carbon:0.030% max

Super Duplex Steel Sheets / Plates / Coils (Alloy 2507):

It consists of 25% chromium, 4 % molybdenum & 7% Nickel.It has corrosion resistance at par with high performing austenite steel.Due to its high alloy content it provide superior resistance to general,pitting & crevice corrosion.It is highly suitable for applications that require greater strength & excellent corrosion resistance.

Typical Composition Of Super Duplex Steel:
Manganese:1.2% max
Silicon:0.8% max
Copper:0.5% max
Phosphorus:0.035% max
Sulfur:0.020% max
Carbon:0.020% max

Common Applications of Duplex Steel / Super Duplex Steel:

Pressure vessels, reactor tanks and heat exchangers
Hot water storage tanks
Water heaters
Desalination plants
Swimming pool structures
Seawater systems
Rotors and shafts in industrial equipment
Biofuels plants
Pressure vessels
Marine applications
Reinforcement bars

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Material Origin:

India,Europe,Korea, United States, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan

Acerinox, Aperam, Bahru, Baosteel, DKC, Jindal, Nippon, Outokumpu, POSCO, SAIL,

We are able to supply cut to size Duplex Steel Sheets & Super Duplex Steel Sheet/Plates (as per your specifications) in any quantities with all the necessary Mill Test Certificates & Reports.



Surface Finish:
2B, 2D, BA, HL, No.4

Size Ranges :

Thickness: 0.25mm ~ 6.0mm
Width: 600mm ~ 2000mm
Length: 1000mm ~ 10000mm

Thickness: 3mm to 100mm
Width: 1000mm to 3000mm
Length: 2438 mm / 3048mm / 6098 mm to 12500 mm

Thickness: 0.31mm ~ 12.7mm
Width: 1000mm / 1120mm / 1250 / 1525mm / 2000mm
Length: as per your requirement.

*(Cut to sizes available as per your requirement.)

Types: Flat bars,Strips,Circle, Ring, Profile