Monel 400 Plates

Monel 400 Plates

High Performance Nickel Copper Alloy

Monel 400 Plates

Monel 400
(UNS No. N04400)

Monel 400 is a high performance Nickel Copper alloy having high strength and outstanding corrosion resistance in many acidic and alkaline conditions like seawater, salt & caustic solutions, steam etc. it has good ductility, weldability and thermal conductivity. It is also suitable for reducing conditions.It is specifically resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when de-aerated.

Monel 400 has excellent mechanical properties at negative temperatures, can be used at temperatures up to 1000°F/537°C and its melting point is around 2460°F/1348°C,but in the annealed condition its strength is reduced however a variety of additions can be done increase the strength.

Typical Composition:

Ni: 63% min
Cu: 28 to 34%
Fe: 2.5% max
Mn: 2% max
Si: 0.50% max
C: 0.30% max
S: 0.24max

It cannot be used in oxidizing acids like nitric and nitrous acids. However it is resistant to most of the salts, waters, food products, organic substances and many environmental conditions.

Common Applications:

Chemical and hydrocarbon processing equipments
Marine applications
Gasoline and freshwater tanks
Deaerating heaters
Boiler feed water heaters
Heat exchangers
Pumps, Valves, shafts & fittings