Why Stainless Steel is King of Kitchen??

Why Stainless Steel is King of Kitchen??

Posted by Astec inc. | November 7, 2016 | plates and coils, Stainless Steel Suppliers

stainless-steel-utensils-setStainless steel is completely everywhere and a secret weapon in the kitchen. If you don’t have smooth stainless steel appliances or kitchen land mass, you perhaps have stainless steel pans, mixing bowls, and utensils. Ever surprise how stainless steel came to be so universal in cooking? One clue: it’s more than just its pretty looks.

Steel is strange and fashionable stuff. It’s an iron alloy and strong as all get-out. It doesn’t damage, bend, or crack easily (though it does scratch), and it stays shiny over years of use. Just one problem: it rusts, but after several years.

Stainless steel is a metal alloy with about 10-11% chromium. When uncovered to air, the chromium in the metal formula, a film of chromium oxide over the surface. This film is inactive and non-toxic, and most importantly, it avoids the steel from rusting by protecting it from air and moisture. Even if the metal gets injured, the chromium oxide improves effortlessly.

This gives us all the brilliant and outstanding properties of stainless steel without the anxiety of rust. It’s also non-reactive, unlike aluminum and iron, so we can use it for cooking normal foodstuffs and cooking acidic foods.

Just put, we use stainless steel in the kitchen because it’s one of the most hard-wearing, versatile, and worry-free metals presented. It’s hard to claim with that!

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