Titanium  Sheets/Plates

Titanium Sheets/Plates

Highly Resistant Lustrous Transition Metal

Titanium Sheets/Plates

Titanium Sheets/Plates

Titanium is a lustrous silver colored transition metal which has high strength & low density. It possesses great resistance to corrosion in seawater, chlorine & aqua regia.
Excellent corrosion resistance & outstanding strength to density ratio are the major useful properties of Titanium.

Typical Composition (Grade 2 Titanium) : {Most Widely Used Pure Titanium}
Carbon: 0.1%max
Iron: 0.3%max
Oxygen: 0.25% max
Nitrogen: 0.03% max
Hydrogen: 0.015 %max
Titanium: Balance

Typical Composition (Grade 5 Titanium) : {Most Widely Used Titanium Alloy}
Aluminum: 6%
Vanadium: 4%
Iron: 0.25%max
Oxygen: 0.2% max
Titanium: Balance

Titanium can be alloyed with elements such as iron, aluminium, vanadium, molybdenum etc for producing high strength & lightweight alloys used in aerospace,military, industrial process plants, food & medicine, automobile,
Surgical instruments, jewellery & many more applications.

Common applications:

Aircraft engines,Critical structural parts, landing gear, exhaust ducts in helicopters
heater-chillers for saltwater aquariums, fishing line and leader
housings and other elements of ocean-deployed surveillance and monitoring equipments for scientific/military usage.
Oil & Gas exploration for deep sea drilling
Marine propeller shafts and rigging for desalination plants
Automotive engines and other components of high performance vehicles
Medical Instruments & Prosthetics (Joint replacement sockets,Dental Implants
Bicycle frames and parts
Telecom industry-Mobile phones & other instruments